Monday, September 05, 2005

india music

The casual listener from overseas will probably know the music in our country from the great classical traditions - hindustani and carnatic. those in the uk will know of bhangra rap and its ilk, and those from asian, east european and african parts will be familiar with the canned music from the huge indigenous film industry. the more knowledgeable and of course seriously interested will have heard the folk music especially the baul music of bengal. what many don't know is that there's a largely ignored but select population of musicians who are doing stuff that may be considered "western" but is truly original, talented and music that eventually makes great listening! very few of them are able to come out with recordings since the typical commercially minded music industry doesn't know its arse from its face. though some of them have been lucky once, like 'skinny alley' from calcutta, to get released by virgin. but that wasn't their greatest album anyway and i think they've got better stuff coming... however if any of you are ever in india check out HFT from delhi - they have a website - - and you can download their music. they are a killer trio doing non-vocal music that is undefinable but immensely enjoyable. there's rudy wallang's band from shillong in meghalaya - i think they're called 'soulmate' - blues, rnb, soul... there are many others. there has recently been a spate of bangla bands - musicians singing very rock and folk oriented songs with bangla lyrics, something that originated in bangladesh but that is quite trite and amateurish if i want to be nice to them. luckily there are a small number trying to make amends and remedy that by doing some very serious music which doesn't copy completely but is influenced and inspired. know what i mean? unfortunately googling or other searches give you a lot of crappy info about modern music in india. maybe i should start one myself? anyone willing to help out?

Edited 09jul06 to correct HFT's link.


joenelson6667 said...

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Anonymous said...

Great! Was looking out for some stuff of this nature... and will get the hft downloads too... Thanks pal

road_to_perdition said...

Hi..i recently heard about 'soulmate'...and googled them...which led me to this blog!! dyu know where i can download their stuff from? (i know...m a typical pirate! ;))
Inidan rozk/jazz/blues muzik is really picking up...and im glad its being recognised by so many people.
Peace out!!

patrix said...

sorry! they don't have music you can download as yet. but if you're in shillong any time ask for rudy wallang and you'll get it from him. he's the bandleader.

HFT said...

Thanks a lot for the mention I just need to correct one thing i.e. the website for HFT is
Thanks dude

patrix said...

i stand corrected! sorry for the goof-up mate :(

those who want to link to hft, go here:

i'm correcting it up there.