Wednesday, April 26, 2006


"You cannot escape one fleeing to another; you cannot escape the revelation of the identical by taking refuge in the illusion of the multiple"
Umberto Eco, Foucalt's Pendulum


david mcmahon said...

It's great to read such a wonderful blog, touching on so many of life's stepping stones, as seen by a lifetime friend of mine. You always were a writer of note, and I'm so glad to see that blogging has brought that ability to a global electronic audience. I think your prose is great and your poetry better than you think it is. But you do have one flaw, my old buddy - you like that plink-plonk-plunk stuff called jazz. By the way, ``happy birthday Brian Wilson''. I look forward to comments from you and Piu on `Vegemite Vindaloo'. Take care and I hope to see many regular posts on your site.
David McMahon, fellow North Pointer, fellow Calcuttan and fellow blogger.

patrix said...

hey dave! i love the way you've gone a bit OTT for me. thanks buddy! and thanks for remembering the b'day! i have yet to get myself a copy of VV but i promise it'll be soon. bhalo theko!

Gordon-M said...

Hey Pats... get a bit simple yaar. This is too damaging to the brains!