Friday, June 02, 2006

Imagine a Google-less World!

Google is quite amazing. Really! Okay, even if I do state the obvious... Well to move on, I had loads of time to kill and a good broadband connection, so after idly updating the Google taskbar on Firefox (there's an update out for this also for those who want to know), I googled an old girlfriend's name, someone I still carry a torch for. And guess what? To state the obvious in boring repetition, I found a reference to her on the 7th page.

Now I expected her reference to be in the category she specialised in as a professional, but no, her name came up in an associate site of Surprise, surprise! It was an endorsement from her husband, and he spoke about how they connected through BM, a fairly detailed account of him and HER meeting, and how they married eventually.

Amazing, huh? They call this the Age of Information Explosion. They say there's an overload of information, often overkill. But we can never have enough, can we?

Can you imagine a world without Google? I shudder horrifically!

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