Sunday, September 10, 2006

Open Window # 6

Open windows are to be used to look out of. Looking in by any other than yourself is a risky thing to allow.

You can be observer, witness, onlooker, student, critic, timepasser, spectator, sightseer, bystander... silent, non-committal, uninvolved, removed, unseen...

And the same applies when another looks in your window. There lies the crunch.

My cellphone camera, regardless of its nearly obsolete technological ability is a handy tool for peeping out of windows. In fact, it becomes a window inside a window.

Just another facade, another skin that layers and protects me from others looking in.

The rain is fascinating even though roads become a mess.

Headloads increase as the countdown to Puja splurging surges.

Where do you want to go today?

A little birdy told me so...

... to be continued...


Prerona said...

beautiful snaps. i liked :)
i'm sorry i couldnt get in touch
the days passed in a mad rush and then a fell ill and then it was a mad rush again ... how have you been?

patrix said...

thanks! missed meeting you... check your mail.