Thursday, October 04, 2007


Can I please? Can I please quote: "To sleep, perchance to dream..." Yaaaay! I said it!

I've usually managed to slime out of all the tagging that Pretty Eyes with the Sunny disposition sends my way. Every time I get tagged I feel sort of embarrassed, shy. It's like when I was in school, and at the periodic school socials, I had the advantage of dancing with Nafisa Ali, who also happened to be my sister's classmate. There were these hungry eyes which would follow me all over the dance floor for the mandatory first dance. Then before the song could properly end, those hungry eyes would suddenly sprout arms and legs, and a body with a gruff voice would harshly whisper in my ear, "You're tagged pal!" For some strange reason I would really feel shy that I was dancing with Nafisa, and would quickly, apologetically, disengage. Only to go back to my place beside the dance floor and notice the other hundreds of hungry eyes, some I'm glad to say in retrospect, looking enviously at me.

That was no dream, but it sure feels like one in the re-telling of it.

So now you also know why I've decided to stay tagged by Sunny. But Sunny, I'm not taking this forward okay?

I enjoy dreams. Having them, discussing them, loosely interpreting them... but somehow I can't seem to remember them. When I wake up most days, I'm not even sure I dreamt! Still and all, here's my take on dreams.

I remember dreams in adolescence. I would be walking, or running, and would keep falling into holes and deep pits. When, standard issue - I'd wake up. I read somewhere that this sort of dream is common to most people and signifies insecurity. I don't know what they say about not remembering dreams at all. Sunny, consider your palm crossed with my silver... tongue! (Did that sound right? ;D)

I'm very fascinated by the 'Dreamtime' of the native Australians. "Aboriginal myths tell of the legendary totemic beings who wandered across the country in the Dreamtime . . . singing the world into existence" - Bruce Chatwin.

"Singing the world into existence." How fantastic! That's a dream of mine. No, not singing the world into existence, but being that much more involved in music than I currently am. I dream of being a musician, very skilfully and competently able to play my favourite kind of music on a variety of instruments.

Do I also dream the mundane, common, garden-variety dreams, like Peter O'Toole singing The Man of La Mancha theme song "The Impossible Dream'? Or Martin Luther King's kind of dream? Of course I do! I would describe them to you if I could only remember them...

Like you can see my dreams, or my unknown dreams, seem to centre on music. The Dream of The Blue Turtles by Sting, one of my most favourite musicians, is also one of my most favourite music albums.

And ultimately, all I can say is that I don't know much about dreams, and am not very particular about knowing them either. It's just that we all dream, and we need to keep doing so. Dreams give us hope and aspiration.

And just as a by the way, did you notice music and dreams are somehow connected?


Jayanta said...


I look forward to these postings. Good way to start October off. Dream on...

By the way POLICE performs at Madison Square Garden on the 31st of October (haloween). My tickets are in the mail. Will miss you.

p@tr!(k said...

hey jay! what? the old buggers are at it again? read about the led zep reunion? pitiable!

Sue said...

You danced with Nafisa Ali??? Get out...

"Sunny, consider your palm crossed with my silver... tongue!"
Task tsk... you dirty old man you. :P

p@tr!(k said...

sunny - cross my heart and hope to...! and dirty? never!