Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Same Flame

Is it the same flame?
The same flame lit so many aeons ago.
In another place, another time.

And has a flame genes?
Genetic obviousness.
A DNA of fire.

Or are all flames the same?
A concentration of combustibles.
Sparked by human hands.

Then will a flame have human genes?

Is it the same flame that once burned on a mountain?
Lit as a rite of faith,
and belief.

Is it the same flame blazing today in a cauldron?
An emblem of the greed to win.
Losing not an option.

It is the same flame.
 The same flame which lights up our failure.
Our failure to live as we conceived.
Failings that sparked in us.
To set fire.

Inflamed passion. Blazing victory. Burned out defeat.
Higher. Faster. Stronger.
Or not.

A flame may only burn.

(The 2012 London Olympics plays in the background)

"Six billion dollars is being traded here so why do we compete for free?" - Sanya Richards-Ross, Team USA. Two-time gold medal winner in the 4x400 metres said that the Olympic ideal was at odds with reality and that athletes should be allowed to make money from their success.
(Reported on 31 July 2012 by The Telegraph, Calcutta from a feed by The Times, London).

In a classic example of happenstance, I read this news item after I had read my little ode to humanity.

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