Thursday, October 05, 2006

EPILOGUE: A Mizoram Diary

This diary is not really a personal record of travels in Mizoram. Had I been able to, I would have travelled quite a bit, but the monsoon was not in favour of my gallivanting. Nevertheless, just wandering about Aizawl town, and places nearby, meeting people, gives me the self-appointed right to call this a "Mizoram Diary"! Most of what's been written are personal observations and opinions, so...

I started writing it at daybreak on the 29th of September when I was woken very pleasantly by the rising sun. That was my first day there, and standing out on the balcony I saw clouds blanketing almost everything. I imagine that it was an appropriate way to begin, auspicious even. I completed it on the 4th of October on a rainy afternoon back in Calcutta.

You can see some photos I took with my cellphone camera here. Not too good, but some of them surprised me.

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