Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just Another Day

Paul McCartney and The Wings sang a song of that name. Way back when? Late 60s, early 70s? Certainly after The Beatles broke up. It was a nice song. Don't like Paul any more though... bad music! Sir Paul indeed. What was it John said? "All those up in the balcony can rattle your jewellery."

Open Window Again
Gloomy day today. Gloomy mood too. Clouded skies that trickled rain late in the afternoon, never the downpour it threatened to be. To top it all, woke up far too early for my liking and couldn't sleep any more. Tossed and turned to finally get up and make tea. Running out of it... got to get some more. Darjeeling is a definite reviver. Felt good for awhile. Had a second cup.

Took some pix with the borrowed camera. But it is just a slightly improved toy over my cellphone. Pics were dark in their content. The light was kind of nice though. I'm a little emphatic about people carrying loads, using their bodies and their strength to earn a living, a pittance really, while I fool around with a digicam that costs the equivalent of a few months income for them.

The woman was mad of course. She ranted and raved at an imaginary someone walking beside her. She's been passing by my window quite frequently over the last few months. There was another one, dressed in someone's horrid, bright red printed, long, discarded nightie. A young guy too with dreads (jata), clad in what is fashionably known as a sarong, with a discoloured chunni slung sideways across a shoulder, muttered loudly, shaking his head. An old man, bearded, rolling his eyes, drifted past ever so slowly. What is it today? The weather? Does such weather cause the mentally disabled to appear? And why under my window? If I believed in such things, I might say it could be a portent, a message from beyond.

Then a little later, a taxi crashed in to the side of another. Outside my window, but over on the other side thankfully. At a junction where traffic is assorted and plentiful. The usual happened. One driver cursed the other, threatening to beat him. Suddenly a crowd surrounded them. Helpful types, take-sides types, arbitrator types, passive onlookers, all got into the act till the cops came about 10 minutes later. By the way, the local cop station is immediately behind my house. Why does it take them so long to respond? Must be the weather. The mini traffic jam had to be sorted out first before the aggrieved parties were attended to. No one was injured, other than a couple of Hind Motors Ambassadors.


"War and Peace"
Anand Patwardhan's documentary of that name was on Doordarshan at 10.30 in the morning today. Looks like Doordarshan, having lost the legal battle is now in a hurry to get over showing AP's films. Films like this and the one shown last Sunday - Father, Son and Holy War - need to be repeatedly shown on all channels, not just DD.

This film is about non-violence essentially. A protest against nuclear proliferation. A protest against politicians who skirt the real issues of eradicating poverty and its associated pains. It's a protest against hawkish scientists like our Prez APJ Abdul Kalam, PK Iyengar, Raja Ramanna, all of whom push for increased spending on the development of arms and military security, and then only make appropriate sterile noises about the real issues. It's a protest against you and me, the educated elite of our country, who refuse to consider, who choose to ignore and subsequently justify our non-involvement in the issues in question, and selfishly look at the economic opportunities coming our way because of such "development". Patriotism is questioned. This is a hard-hitting film as well. A good film for a gloomy day. It makes me realise that the sun doesn't shine out of my backside, don't I know?


The end of a day like this, just another day, deserved some upliftment. The dealer told me the stuff was good. I asked him if he smoked and he said no. So I asked him then how he was recommending the weed. He just smiled and took my money. He was doing his job is all.

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