Monday, July 09, 2007

Bertie & Pink Noise

Bertie da Silva again. With Pink Noise.

Live in Calcutta at The Princeton Club.
n the 21st of July at 8.30 pm. (one month to the day after World Music Day.)

Lots of new music, a new sound, and some good times are promised.
(They'll take care of the good music, you take care of the other good stuff!)

Pink Noise is Gyan Singh on bass, Amyt Dutt on guitar, Jivraj 'Jiver' Singh on drums and Jayashree on vocals. Those with musical connections to Calcutta - performer or listener - will have heard of PN and its avatar (or is it the other way around?) Skinny Alley. You would have even heard them in concert. PN is an alternative jazz band. That's the closest I'll go to defining their music, at the risk of upsetting them. Skinny Alley is an alternative rock band with a slightly different line-up.

This time though, both PN and Bertie together are working on some of Bertie's new songs and some of his already heard ones from the BM&F concert at the Princeton in April. I was at one of their rehearsals recently and I can tell you they're sounding good! Ok, don't take my word for it. Just come for the show on the 21st and hear them for yourself. In the meanwhile have a look at some of the pics I took that evening at their practice session.

Reminder: 21st July 2007 8.30 pm. The Princeton Club in Calcutta. Bertie with Pink Noise.

DVDs of the BM&F concert of 12th April will be available for sale on that day at The Princeton. And you can mail me at to book your copies of the DVD.

Anjan Dutt - musician, film maker, actor out of Calcutta made a movie called Bow Barracks Forever. In it he acknowledges not just the debt many of us Calcuttans owe the Anglo-Indian community, he also explores this debt musically. He and his makeshift band - Bow Street Blues - have been doing live concerts of the music from the movie as well as other songs which were hits of that era. I loved the concert at Someplace Else and I also took some pics while enjoying myself. So you should go here for a glimpse of that concert.

The live performance of music by such alternative, niche bands and musicians is always a wonderful experience. It's because they put their heart and soul into it that you find yourself having a better time than you thought you would. (Something that commercially oriented, mass-market musicians are incapable of). And then when you want a CD of their music it's usually unavailable. The marketing of such music has always been of concern not just to the artists themselves, but also to their promoters (who are never the record companies) and to their fans. This has historically led to bands who hate the corporatisation of music to allow fans to tape/record their live performances illegitimately. The Grateful Dead were prime examples, as are others like Dave Mathews, Phish, String Cheese Incident and so on.

Here's a nice article about how someone like Prince, or the Artist Formerly Known As Prince, is also keen to beat the system. My respect for this musician is never-ending! Apart from the fact that I really love his music.


Sue said...

I Pat, I know I say this every time, but I'm really trying hard to make it on the 21st. I've heard so much about Bertie over the years, I'm looking forward to hearing him live.

p@tr!(k said...

hey pretty eyes! you're most welcome and i guarantee there will be no disappointment! btw, the show, (for reasons to complicated to go into now, has been postponed to 28th july... same time, same place. see you, sue!

Anonymous said...

hello there..hi..i am sukanya in prof. bd's class of'05..he ws always inspirational and exceptionally witty..and working in Bangalore..fortunate to be in kolkata right nw..frm where do I buy tkts fr this concert?BD rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

it makes me nostalgic to be back in kolkata..and to remeber the college days..much did people talk about bertie's sarcasm and subtle cruelties but he never snubbed me and was always kind..and i am no angel..least likely to be his perpect pupil..Bertie is memorable..wish he had a blog of his own

p@tr!(k said...

hi sukanya! is the anonymous below your comment also you? sorry, that concert i've written about up there has already happened - 2 years ago! But if you're still around on 22nd august 2009 you can come and see him in concert at gd birla sabhagar. tickets will be available from early august at vodafone stores and some other places. Check the telegraph's t2 section for more details.

p@tr!(k said...

@anonymous: wow! if you remember the good ol' days as bertie's student then imagine what I - a school and college mate of bertie's remembers? when dinosaurs walked the earth?? :) never having been taught by bertie i have no idea of what you're saying but i understand your feelings. and don't be surprised - he may still start blogging!