Monday, July 30, 2007

For Those Who Were Not There...

Front page of Calcutta's The Telegraph Metro supplement on 30 July 2007.

This is for those who were not there... or maybe were there and read some other newspaper. And you can see some of their photos here.

Here's another review of the show which was published in the HT City edition of Hindustan Times 31 July 2007. (I added this on 1 August 2007).

I'm hoping that the audio CD recording of the 28th July concert of Bertie and Pink Noise will be available by this month end. Those who still don't have a copy of the Bertie Mel & Fuzz show of 12th April contact me for the DVD. What you see below is an excellent cover designed by Rahul Ganguly for the DVD. Thanks, Rahul!


Sue said...

Pat, I made it this time and it was wonderful!

I had to leave early because The Bhablet was giving V a tough time for some reason, but it was still pretty awesome, the little bit I caught.

Where were you? I looked around, couldn't find you. Do you think they'd mind if I dropped in on a rehearsal some day?

p@tr!(k said...

thanks for coming sue! i was there, and here, and otherwhere, but mostly close to the music!