Saturday, May 06, 2006


I have commenced living the 49th year of my life.

What is that supposed to signify? Forty plus years of ignorance and bliss? More than forty years of swimming around in a shallow pond? Over forty years of never knowing the difference? Forty nine years of experience gained and lessons learned?

Age has the notion of becoming a millstone around one’s neck. Certain behaviour, certain wisdom, certain expectations make demands on one merely because one has reached a chronological point in time in one’s otherwise insignificant life. Suddenly, what you are most expected to share are memories.

As you age it becomes a barrier to re-employment. Age significantly reduces one’s physical capabilities. Age diminishes possibilities of getting financial aid and income opportunities. Age debars one from insurance, and reassurance. Age gets you back-handed compliments. It earns you wary respect, often condescending.

So who needs to age? As The Man said, who said almost everything that my generation had to say, wanted to say, never thought of saying, I want to be "Forever Young"! Or, just be ageless...?


Anonymous said...

IMHO, Age as someone said is just a number. 39, 49, 59, what's the difference? " Do ! You! Enjoy What You Do !" Was it MJ who said that? He sure knew what he was talking about.
You could be " Forever Young", You could be " 18 die (you)die" the main thing I've learned in my 40 years on this planet ( wish I'd known this 20 years ago) is to be in harmony with what's going on, keep your sense of peace with yourself, work continually towards whatever makes you happy and you are good !
I mean look at the Pink Noise, Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Roger Waters, Narayana Murthy...they still inspire people whose parents hadn't even met when these legends were becoming great !

Scarlett said...

I will be 39 this summer and it seems so scary, but is in fact just another day in the rest of my life. I wish my body would stay as young as my mind.
If someone saw a child with boundless energy and said, "I wish I had that much energy", My grandfather would reply, "I'm glad I don't. If I did, this old body would fall apart".
I would not want to be a child again, but I don't want to be old either.

Sue said...

Oh, happy birthday ancient man! I would have noticed on an earlier visit (come on, you didn't expect me to remember all by myself??) but I was at home the last few days of last week, sleeping off a tummy upset.

(I'm fine now though, so don't worry.)

patrix said...

scarlett - you took the words out of my mouth! thanks!

patrix said...

pretty eyes! you're the best! come for gour's show on saturday...