Friday, May 05, 2006


Eyes are fascinating features of we humans. I see more of a person through their eyes than from their conversation.

Young eyes see better
They know who I am
They watch very carefully
And don’t give a damn.

Older eyes know better
Though myopic in sight,
Years of watching everything
Have let them see the light.

Ancient eyes in cataract
Don’t want to see anymore,
And in their mind’s eye
They’d rather, remember days of yore.

My eyes watch in silence
In my head the voices speak,
I watch the watcher watching
And drown in the depths of sleep.


Sue said...

I like it, especially the last verse. But I'd lose the comma after "They'd rather". Read it without and see.

patrix said...

Pretty Eyes - Maybe... I'll wait for another suggestion. Anyone?

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