Monday, May 08, 2006

Look out for my future post on The Bauls of Bengal

For all those rock music fans: Garth Hudson of The Band recorded Purna Das Baul in the late 60s and an album was released called Bauls at The Big Pink. Anyone got it?

Painting by Jamini Roy

Look out for my future posts on the Bauls and use the link
Bull's Run on this page if you'd like to see a private performance of the Baul, Gour Khyapa on Buddha Purnima, 13th May 2006.

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riM said...

I am trying to get my hand on the album recorded at 'the Big Pink'. Puran das in an old interview said he has a recording (tape) of a concert where he and Dylan played together. Any leads on how to get it or raise a request to bring that gold to public?